Samantha Brett

News Reporter, Author

Samantha Brett

News Reporter, Columnist, Author



Lawyer for bikie in Jarryd Hayne saga has contradicted claims about the relationship


Samantha Brett, bestselling author of 6 books

Samantha Brett is the author of six books, including the bestsellers "The Chase" & "The Catch" published by Allen & Unwin.

An armed robbery ends with a man in a wheelchair for life..


Man sentenced to at least 9 years jail for killing pregnant girlfried

Christopher Anderson is jailed for at least 9.5 years for stabbing his former pregnant girlfriend, 23 year old Allira Green.

Woman accused of pulling chisel on train charged for another assault

Former army chief David Morrison has being named Australian of the Year for his tough stance against sexism and his commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion. The 2016 Australia Day honours list will once again feature a vast array of people, from military heros, innovators, sports stars and performers - all who dedicate themselves to many causes, which …

'I felt like murdering someone': Man stabbed taxi driver 13 times after watching 'slasher movies'

A Sydney man who randomly attacked a Sydney taxi driver after watching a slasher movie marathon, has been jailed for at least six years. Luke William Woods admitted he ‘felt like murdering someone’. His vicious attack was recorded by the taxi’s camera. The disturbing video shows the moment Woods stabbed elderly cab driver Neal Kent.

FIRST ON 7: Builder busted for bashing and fire bombing disgruntled former clients

FIRST ON 7: A Sydney builder has been found guilty of attacking a number of disgruntled clients, petrol bombing some of their homes and severely bashing one in an attack caught on camera. Renowned renovator Bill Issa is in jail for a string of attacks on clients across the city that threatened legal action over the 52-year-old's shoddy work.

Young lawyer's drug-driving killer jailed for three years

Marc Leabeater was a 26-year-old with a bright future, taken in an instant when he was hit by a driver high on ice last year. The young lawyer was heading home on his motorbike last December when 20-year-old driver Taylor Angell made a sudden turn into McDonalds on Taren Point Road while driving on drugs, knocking him off his bike.

Violent pool cue attacker jailed as victim revealed to have PTSD

An intoxicated man who turned a seemingly calm Sunday afternoon pool game in Bondi into a violent brawl has been jailed after what a judge described to be a 'horrifying' attack. In the video, Karl Tammistu can be seen grabbing a pool cue before slamming it onto Steven Green's head multiple times. "He struck Mr Green, as I've said twice, so hard that during one of the strikes the cue broke or at least had pieces splintering off it,” Justice Greg Hosking said.

Not-so-lucky Gen Y looks back on a lost 10 years

GEN Ys are happy to remain in the family home until well into their 20s, flit from job to job to job and from partner to partner to partner. Life's just dandy for Generation Y kids living within the warm orbit of rich and indulgent baby boomer parents." So said KPMG demographer Bernard Salt when he first introduced the "Gen Y" term into our modern-day lexicon almost a decade ago.

Close to $500,000 stolen from eye specialist

An accused murderer has been given bail after he allegedly killed a stranger in a road rage fist fight on the Gateway Motorway. The New Zealand citizen has put up a 100-thousand dollar guarantee he … Mick Fanning competed in another round of surfing's world championship just hours after the terrible news that his older brother had died.

Sydney dentist who preyed on elderly walks away smiling

A Sydney dentist has walked away with "a light slap on the wrist" after carrying out unnecessary procedures on elderly dementia patients. Dentist and former deputy mayor of Hurstville Andrew Istephan pleaded guilty to assault charges in September. That came on the back of being found guilty in 2013 for assault occasioning bodily harm on five elderly patients.


Samantha Brett

Samantha Brett is a journalist, news reporter, author and columnist.

She is currently a reporter on the Seven News Network for the 6PM News.

Samantha began her media career at the Fox News Channel in New York, before going on to do news reports for Sky News, CBS New York, CNN ASIA and CNN New York.

Sam has written six books, and more than 100 articles for publications across the country.

Sam is currently working on her 7th Book with the aim of inspiring women around the world to follow their dreams.

Sam is a proud supporter of a number of charities including The Aids Foundation and Breast Cancer Australia.



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